HERstory Has Been Made

Today I had a conversation about the exhaustion of hope. It's real! Passion and advocacy is truly taxing on the mind and spirit.

How many of you waited with anticipation and anxiety for the results of the presidential election? Now consider that stress in the minds of children who are at the tail end of America's silenced voices, systemic oppression and racism.

While some individuals choose to invest in political antics, I invest in opportunities for children in Baltimore to have access to valuable arts experiences through arts education advocacy. Why? Because the only way to create fair practices in a disenfranchised nation, is to make space for the concerns, feelings and ideas of our children to be acknowledged AND included in policy reform.

That being said-Madame Vice President elect, Kamala Harris, has become an integral piece in America's puzzle that the "founding fathers" did not consider. She is a representative for children around the world and has a very unique opportunity to help rewrite some (not all) wrongs for this nation to one day reflect the Constitution in that "ALL men are created equal." Her road to VP has surely been met with gender biases, misogynistic attitudes and other prejudices similar to congressional heavy hitters Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a host of others.

On a personal note-It's not easy to walk this road as a black woman, entrepreneur, mother, graduate candidate, etc. amid a pandemic and multiple up rises.

However, experiencing the last becoming first keeps me fired up and focused on our mission-

"A M.A.Y Project is committed to artistically support children as they navigate intersectionality and utilize creative tools as catalysts for healthy social/ emotional development, positive interpersonal relationships, critical thinking, communication, performance readiness and ultimately social change."

AMP will definitely have a chapter in HERstory!

*Masks were removed for this picture only. We had something to smile about:)


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*Masks were removed only for this picture. We had something to smile about:)

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